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tv   CBS2- This Morning  CBS  September 29, 2016 6:00am-7:00am CDT

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patty judge a ?habitual no show.? grassley works. judge? mmmm, not so much. right now on cbs 2 this morning...some of the biggest debris found aft right now we have some of the biggest abrade down after the water starts to go down along the cedar river.
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flood protection. welcome to cbs2 this morning. in cedar rapids is returning back to normal. traffic is looking fine on this thursday morning. welcome to cbs2 this morning. >> happy thursday. just in what is going on? >> i'm trying to remember how to we had a lot of rivers and flood stage this morning. we have neatly organized all of rivers that are out of their banks. north of waterloo all the way down to washington. some of the flood warnings continue . we have some updated numbers. the river is that 19 -- 19.3, there's actually a new number
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they are continuing to fall. the crested -- rivers crested and they are continuing to fall. let's take a look at the current skycam. it is 50 degrees on the board. warty nine in waterloo, 53 in iowa city. the winds are out of the north at 5-10 miles a we will show you the satellite and radar, it is common clear this morning. not much is going on. we will show you what to plan as we head into the next couple days, let forecast, we'll also show you what is ahead temperature wise. new details overnight at a car down in prairie creek. we broke the story at 10:00 last night. no one was inside when they arrive.
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because they told the crew they call the owner of the vehicle you did not know the vehicle had been missing. the owner then reported it stolen. use a wrapped to pull it out of the creek. authorities are still trying to figure out how it ended up in the water. clean up efforts are underway insert -- cedar rapids. the water is slowly receding back to normal levels. that it could take several -- several days -- 45,000 feet of temporary terriers were set up to protect low-lying areas of the river. the biggest question for many impacted by the flood is when two people start going back inside their homes and businesses. the city leaders have narrowed the evacuation zone.>> about 2500 people are being allowed to go back. you can find a new map of the boundaries on our website. all bridges that cross the
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across the city are taken down and the bridges have been inspected. >> some people on removing the thousands of sandbags placed all over the city's. they are asking the residents to keep the bags at their property. the city and a private contractor will come and pick up the sandbags at no charge. if you do not want to wait for the pickup you are asked to take the bags at the linn county solid waste agency. if you do u will be charged regular disposal fees. debridement is to be placed in separate piles car. the city will collect those items for free as well. we have specific direction from what will be picked up on our website. planners in cedar rapids are analyzing the success of the flood defenses. they took us on a tour to parts of town for different flood control measures were mobilized. despite a few weeks the barriers appear to be on the job. those in charge of the plan
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see. i think we were feeling pretty good about the above ground protection. our nerves were caught did we get every storm sewer that was copping -- coming underneath they were up -- railroad tracks . did we get every outlet to the river. where were the storm sewer weaknesses? >> if any of the offenses failed the system was set up in great , that with one section felt it would not have inundated everybody on one side of the river. kick it off executive looked at one of the -- some of the damages in the area. they visited with the from 2008 and said he was impressed by the way everyone has pulled together. governor terry branstad: it makes me proud to be an iowan. it makes me proud of cedar rapids and the way people here have governor kim reynolds: first of all, iweb.
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responded. >> we were able to take lessons from 2008 and execute the plan. tech the damage estimates are meanwhile - life is now slowly starting to return to normal in benton county countya number of roads are now you can see here, they include the 22-nd avenue trail and highway 150- bridges in vinton.also open, 32nd avenue south in urbana, the benton-buchanan the brandon bridge.a number of street ?closures are still in effect - you can find complete the brandon bridge. another -- a number of street closures are in effect. you can find a complete list on our website. the salvation army will be intense and to help with the cleanup efforts. cleanup kits will be available near the south side of the county or has. cedar rapids police say a shooting candlelight of a 13-year-old girl.
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she was killed on tuesday. another 13-year-old is being charged with involuntary manslaughter. two other suspects were taken into custody. a 15-year-old and an eight year -- 18-year-old for both with the shooter ran away from responding officers. they say the shooting was an accident and that there was no dispute. there's no reason for kids to have handguns in the first place. they urge gun owners to secure them responsibly.>> in just a little more than one years time we have seen three of our young from our community, die as a result of firearm violence. >> we of the gun used in the shooting has not been at the nation's capitol - for the first time in his presidency - congress has voted to override one of president obama's vetoes. stems from the bill that would allow 9-11 families to sue saudi arabia.some say the saudi government provided assistance and funding for the
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in 2001.the president says the bill would allow foreign governments to sue the u-s for provided funding to the attacks. it was a bill to allow those involved to sue saudi arabia but they say it would allow saudi arabia just to the west work the democratic nominee for president will be returning to the state of iowa. hillary clinton will talk in downtown des moines. doors open at 10:30. event is free, but rsvp from the clinton campaign website. we had information for that on our website. local leaders read hillary clinton on loan on wednesday about flood 2016. the supervisor said he would advocate for changes to how the federal government funds flood defenses. they say if clinton wins election he wants her to spend a budget that includes protection for both sides of the river in cedar rapids.
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he has made several visits to the state since he secured his party's nomination. this was the first one since his debate on monday against hillary clinton. it is now 6:09. in denton it is 50 -- 53 degrees outside. not a bad start the day, take your jacket with you as they moved about. the forecast is in a.
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the 6:11. when you sunshine on the way. it will be a comfortable day and a dry weekend. we will have a straight sprinkle on saturday hot but over the next few hours it will be nice
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we get to 55 degrees at 10:00 this morning. 66 at noon. a high of 70 this afternoon. not let at all. here we go with the latest river levels. invention 16.9 feet the river continues to fall. it cresting at 20 1b. cedar rapids currently, it's 19.2 feet and crested on thursday at 21.9, it was on wednesday actually. it contin we do expect it within the 18th of range by nine or 10:00 this morning. most of the river is going down. did crest and also continues to fall. in cedar rapids it is nice and clear with a quiet start your we consult the numbers were at 50 degrees right now with winds out of the north at 10. 49 in waterloo, $0.48 in
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we see someone 40s. look at spencer. 53 in des moines. 50 to in the quad cities. low 70s in the southern half of iowa. upper 60s in the northern half. a couple of thin clouds in mason city backed up to new hampton. also some thin clouds in illinois. our north . it is moving off towards the east. it does bring a small chance of some sprinkles as we head through friday night into saturday. nothing major expected. was to get past saturday the high dives in and keeps things comfortable and clear. here is the predict your: we see a nice and quiet day today. the college mostly sunny skies to the evening tonight your clear skies to begin with comp we do watch clouds built
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our sky partly sunny as we head through the day on sunday. waterloo and cedar rapid 70. sunny and breezy north winds at 5-15. the forecast for tonight is offering upslope 50s. 67 for friday, saturday 66 degrees with a small chance of scattered showers. we will take and pete at the teacher forecast here. sunday through wednesday small chances of showers day trend is a okay. we have upper 60s to glover 70s. if you're going to the hawk i came there is a small raindrop chance. if you're going to octoberfest same story. comfortable weather with a few thin clouds on saturday. may be a sprinkle but nothing more than that. this weekend as a fun and festive event that will take place in the corridor. it is octoberfest.:we stopped
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in store for people attending the event.>> we her back here and the brewhouse is where we find ourselves this morning. teresa and albert this is a quote gorgeous showplace. show our viewers around your tech we are so excited to have opened the german beer hall. when we started this project in mid-june we expected a german beer hall feel. expectations. when you look back you think wow, look at this play's! >> reporter: how is it different than what was operating out here before you guys got your hands on it?>> a former colony and was one of the three remaining bla style restaurant in fact a lot of history was to it. was the first p.m. lyons restaurant in the
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we are now not serving the family style food. we are serving german. hall feel. we are serving beer. [ laughter ] >> associated with the brewery, so we opened it up to a different venue. we feel that we have a different crowd coming into the colonies, and they want more of a traditional experience. now we are offering two things. family style food in the german beer hall experience. so, here it is. some of the features is that this is reclaimed wood.>> reporter: we have the beams that we are showing here. you have. and then. even the front of the bar with some of the old hotel doors when this used to be a hotel.>> yes. the hotel was built as a motel for the travelers. were right by the railroad.
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history. now that part of history is told in anbar front, with all the doors from it, -- >> reporter: and the top is a block and a relaxed style a different way to enjoy the same space. >> we wanted to create recreational areas, we put in couches, loveseats, preamps, games, magazines laying around. without some old formica table tops of their. it takes you back, in german the name is grandma, we want to take you back so you can relax back there.>> reporter: what you want people to walk away from -- having two ways to enjoy this place -- i guess people were not able to stick around for as quite as long as
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>> we have a lot of requests like they want to eat while they're here, we have really listened and the opportunity came available with a couple that came in and said they wanted to start a restaurant. the poor guy, i said well, the place were thinking and the venue were thinking will not work not here, and then he looked at me and said are you serious? and then i said well have a great would you like to come on board with us? and now he is running our kitchen. he is a partner in the brewery eventually. we're excited to have him on board. the macaroni and cheese is out of this world. he has nailed it. >> reporter: this is one of things you can check out this weekend at octoberfest and we will be here throughout the morning sound -- the morning show.>> i cannot be more excited to go on saturday.>> that place looks really call.
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as soon as it came up i just lost it. that is the funniest thing. so good job with the head. >> if we were reporting along with flood coverage we would have to were those has. the night. listen throughout the day
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welcome back -- it's now we're taking a look at your??????? your??????? welcome back 6:21 were take a look at temperatures out side
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we're looking at a beautiful shot in cedar rapids. were 53 in cedar rapids. explains who the study says is more likely to be at risk. risk. (pkg)(track) millions of women worldwide use hormonal contraceptives. now a new study published in jama contraceptives. now a new study published in a psychiatry pills may increase the risk of depression. they found that there was a 23% increase compared to nine users of hormonal contraception in more than a million girls and women ages 15 to 35 in denmark. the study found adolescents were at the greatest risk. (sot dr. james liu, obstetrics and gynecology chairman, uh cleveland medical center)i think for the adolescents the cognitive development is not as mature as women who are older and relationship issues
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be more prevalent in that population. i think that reflects that trend. >> reporter: doctors say the study does not change whether normal contraceptives should be prescribed to women , but the link is something clinicians and patients should be aware of. >> women if they do develop signs of mild depression, should interface with the provider. >> reporter: doctors say more research is needed late. danielle cbs news los angeles. >> it is estimated 60% of women use contraceptives in the u.s. tilt of the most common method. >> 6:23 right now. 54 degrees in iowa city. capital of the biggest threat for people moving back into their homes after the floods. plenty of sunshine today. very enjoyable for the weekend. numbers on the upper sixties and lower seventies.'s we have
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is coming up next. the cbs2 connects with the corridor. in dallas or connect with us on
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a beautiful start to the day. nice beautiful sunrise as we look over the horizon. currently does go down to iowa city where we are 53 degrees. we have a beautiful start to the day. it feels like 53 degrees. grab your jacket and your hat. you will need it if you take a quick jog or if you are like me you've never jog in your life just take a look at these graphics. we will be 70 degrees this afternoon. it is beautiful all around. we have some thin clouds off to
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we were watching down to the south. that will keep us into some hartly cloudy skies. here is a predictor, no moisture to speak of for the next few days. other than a straight sprinkle onto. saturday with lows 70s. sunday we have 20% chance of the rain, those families with a small chance of rain for wins a. selena gomez is the reigning queen of instagram. the followers on the social media network making her the most foul -- followed person. >> she announced last month that she is taking time off to deal with lupus. she is no stranger to breaking instagram records. there is a picture of her sipping a coke took the prize for the most like picture. >> at and she owns instagram. >> some people might say she
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herself. >> that is one of her songs. >> you are waking up with
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right now on cbs 2 this rapids' evacuation zone that's letting some people back into their homes. right now on cbs to this morning. the changes to the attacked with and sounds that are letting some people will back into their homes. brenda song inspired by cedar rapids rising above the flood. welcome to cbs2 this morning. we're looking at i 80. everything is looking good if you're heading that way. happy thursday. thank you for joining us at
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cedar rapids is starting the long process of getting back to normal. was take a look at the temperatures. the theme of the morning is called. we will see a low fifties on the board as we began this journey together. there are plenty alerts for you. across the cedar river. is cedar rapids and there is the latest draft. everything is going in the right direction, heading down. currently in denton 16.9, that is only a foot above flood stage. we expected to get into the eighteenth that range by 9:00 this morning. it continues also to fall.
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feet. currently plans ages 14.5, it did crest and it is falling. here is good news. sunshine 50 for this morning, 66 at lunchtime, 70 this afternoon. we had a full forecast them for the homecoming game coming up. islam brought back to normal has taken a big step forward. thou rapids are going home. >> after days of hard work and planning most parts of the city stay dry. it is a relief to the thousands totally for. the water would breach temporary flood defenses.>> those who did leave are very happy to be back home. we are live in the area that is back open to some of the residents. the morning stephanie.>> reporter: good morning kevin.
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asked people to leave their homes because of the threat of flood waters, but so many are happy to wake up in their beds this morning. we caught up with some of the residents who were out of their homes for days. i did not know what to expect when they came back. some people who also experience leading back in 2008 are excited to be home this morning. they told us that all the preparation seem to work in their favor. >> we did is great. now we will do some housecleaning. there is not furniture in there and no -- will do that sort of thing. even though we went through all that work in the play did not come, that is but we want it.>> reporter: now if you use sandbags to protect your home, you can be them on your property in the city will pick them up for free. for the thousands of people who were not back in their homes, the city is asking all to
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home soon enough. covering the corridor in cedar rapids stephanie johnson. for thousands of homeowners who can go back home there are some things to keep in my. he served as check for any standing water in your basement and rates. if you find some outlets and wires call your utilities provider right away. you need to have your electricity turned off because a licensed contractor needs to come out and repair the damage. yo electrician is licensed you can call the number on your screen. another danger to keep in mind is carbon monoxide placing. some generators and other gas powered equipment could release toxic fumes if they are not properly maintained. carbon monoxide is a colorless and odorless gas that could kill you. we go back into your home make sure all the pilot lights are lit. if you have a generator, the
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this days after the university of iowa unveiled a new plant to prevent actual salt it person report an assault at the fraternity house. group of friends showed up over the weekend and got separated. that is when the attack happened. last wednesday, the university president revealed a new two- year plan to combat the issue which has become a major concern on many campuses. for more on the plan, you can go to our website a new song is summarizing the unity we have seen in the cedar rapids community over the past week. people from near and far have all come together. a new band rise above their son is the shared on facebook numerous times. here is the song. the for the plight of 2016 hit the community linked arms
6:36 am
>> reporter: now there is a song to tell the story. the band for start date row rise above from personal experiences. they helped businesses in the area. >> it was great to see the whole community, kids adults can't teenagers from all walks of life helping out. helping sand bag, all the businesses around there. the area and had to evacuate. her studio is in the cherry building where some of the inspirations for the song lyrics were born.>> i have not even gone in the area yet and to see people with that boxes and walking up three flights of stairs and i do not know their name that was really incredible. that is the reason for the lyrics i did not even know your name.
6:37 am
above. which took everything from the cherry building and brought it to the third floor.>> reporter: rob is behind many of the videos for the bigger. when he found out they asked him to put something together. >> done, no edits caught great it was perfect. >> the video spread quickly online. >> people were st friends. their friends were pointing out that they were in the video or their parents when the video here people work commenting on it.>> reporter: the new flood and them rise above is now available for purchase. 100% of the proceeds is going to the cedar rapids foundation. >> if you would like to know more about the band and where you can purchase the song you go to cvs to >> you was written in cedar rapids and bring about something that is a defining moment of the city.
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there is still more to come. is take a look at what we're working on. we will show you the best architect thinks for all your tailgates as we can. plus what to look out for you are shopping for man's best friend. it comes up next. we might actually gets within the 18 foot range with in the next hour. take a look at the latest river lels continues to drop. we are at 19.1 six feet, we will talk about that where the project the numbers will fall
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sunny skies and a comfortable day. we will have low 70s in the south.
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55 degrees is where we will be at 10:00. 66 at lunchtime. high of 74 this afternoon. will do that with plenty of sunshine. the numbers are continuing to drop. we are watching this and currently we are at 19.1 six feet. we need to get to atb and below. that is when you will start to see a lot of main there appears opening up once the crews can get those cleaned up. certainly stay with us on cbs to , coming up 10:00 we will have the latest press conference. ben 10 is 16.8 feet which continue to fall. in cedar rapids sunshine is on the way after a quarter and clear morning. we have north winds at 10 miles an hour. monticello is that 50, 53 in iowa city, 60s in mason city,
6:42 am
them at west sixties and seventies as was to get the all feel in the forecast. we have to cut off low right here, destressing -- this jet stream has nowhere to go. it does bring us a moisture chance for the weekend. .combined with a week trough the pressure that is passing through the midwest will bring piles an brings a small chance of sprinkles as we head through saturday. we have high pressure building and by saturday afternoon and that will clear the skies and keep his nice, quiet, & a as we head into through tuesday. 67 in decorah, 71 iowa city, sunny and a little breezy,.com. tonight will be upper forties to lower fifties.
6:43 am
67 is the high for friday. friday night football forecast, we will stay maybe if you clouds and sprinkles but i would not bet the farm on it. just a straight raindrop or two. 62 degrees there. saturday is looking good, 66 degrees small shower or is malt sparkle chance for the i will again. north breeze at 6 to 12 miles on saturday. 54 on sard the clouds will clear out. mainly sunny skies on tuesday and wednesday. wednesday afternoon the clouds will start to build and the ten- day trend for those of you playing along mark your weather scorecard upper sixties to lower 70s all the way through next thursday, friday, and saturday. your zone top stories for your thursday morning.
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diversity in the corridor the non-profit diversity focus on shutting down. the board of directors accepted brad simmons -- chad simmons resignation this week. the decision to close has nothing to do with the flood. they tell cbs two news the work they focused on is critical for quarter this is to succeed. a burglary took advantage of the flooding in waterloo. the waterloo area said that someone stole equipment the stadium between last friday and went a discovered the break- ins tuesday morning. atv, radar gun, camera and i had were taken from the stadiums pressbox. it they are speeding up efforts to get permanent flood defenses moving forward. if it is signed into law the republican said minute would order the army corps of engineers to make the cedar rapids one project a top
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researching the plan to protect the east side of the river. rang out the west side has protection for 20 years. it is now 6:44 on a thursday. we are updating the most important at veridian credit union that's why we're offering auto loans as low as 1.74% apr... you get a low rate,
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but this offer ends soon,
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welcome back -- it's now we're taking a look at your??????? your??????? in cedar rapids -- clean up efforts are well under way while the cedar river starts to slowly recede back to normal levels. levels.that still could take
6:48 am
the cedar river slowly recedes to normal levels. >> more than 40,000 be temporary barriers were set up to protect low lying areas along the river. >> the biggest question is when can people start going back home and going back to businesses? >> they have narrow the evacuation zone. 2500 people are being allowed to go back home. you can find a map of the new boundaries on our website. all bridges that cross the cedar river downtown are still close. that is why the traffic is heavy. we're told they will reopen when the barriers across the city have been taken down. the bridges need to be reinspected. >> some people are removing the thousands of sandbags placed around the city. city leaders are asking residents to keep the bags at the property. the city in a private
6:49 am
sarabeth at no charge. if you do not want to wait for pickup you are asked to take the bags to the solid waste agency in linn county. you will be charged regular disposal fees. flood debris should be our website - cbs 2 iowa dot com. planners in cedar rapids are now analyzing the success of the city's flood defenses. defenses.leaders took cbs 2 news on a tour through parts of town where different flood control measures were mobilized.despite a few leaks, sewer plugs appear to have done the job.those in charge of the plan say their biggest fear came from what they ?couldn't? see. "i think we were feeling pretty good about the above ground protection but really where our nerves were, did we get every storm sewer that was coming underneath the railroad tracks, did we get every outlet to the river where were the storm sewer weaknesses."
6:50 am
cbs 2 news the system was set up in grids.that way if one section failed it would not have inundated everyone on one side of the river. the state's top executive looked at flood damage in eastern iowa. iowa.on wednesday -- governor terry branstad visited vinton -- palo and cedar rapids with the lieutenant governor -- other state officials and members of the iowa national guard.the governor says he has seen how much iowans learned from 2008 and said he was impressed by the way everyone has pulled together. governor terry branstad: it makes me proud to be an iowan. it makes rapids and the way people here have governor kim reynolds: first of all, again, i saw how resillient iowans are and how the coordination, the collaboration, the ability to take lessons learned from 2008 and actually execute the plan planif damage estimates are higher than 4-point-3 million dollars -- the governor could request a presidential declaration.that could make fema money available for recovery efforts. friends to the south in iowa city sent supplies north to declaration to make fema money
6:51 am
damages high enough. the city sent shipping containers filled with barriers and 3000 sandbags to help protect the city from the cedar river. chris were dispatched to butler county to help a flood impacted communities there. over the capital the congress has passed a bill to keep the government open through december night. they are having more than $1 billion of funding to battle the zika virus. the vote congressional leaders broke their disagreement on how to keep-or how to help flint, michigan killed the water crisis. they want to get the city funding later this year. for the first time in his presidency congress voted to override one of president obama speedo's. it stems from a bill that allows 9/11 bill is to sue saudi arabia. some say the saudi government provided assistance in planning for the terrorist attacks.
6:52 am
government to to the west. saudi arabia is starting to pull billions of dollars from the u.s. economy. days after a heated debate the democratic nominee for president will be returning to the state of iowa. clinton will be in downtown des moines. the doors open at 10:00. it is free but you need to rsvp on the clinton website. that information is on our website. local leaders briefed hillary clinton by phone on wednesday about the flood. linn county supervisor says he would advocate for changes in how the federal government funds flood defenses. clinton wins election he wants her to submit a budget that would include protection from both sides of the river. party's nomination.this event was one of the first since his debate on monday with hillary clinton. it's now on this morning.right
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when we come back, we'll take a look at the three stories you'll need to know on this thursday morning. morning. cbs-2 news connects with the corridor. call us with your story tips at 1-800-222-kganor email us at news at cbs2iowa.comor connect with us on facebook - kgan cbs 2. "is that credit karma again?" "just wanna see if my score wanna check yours?" "scores don't change that much. i haven't changed." "oh really?"
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"they said business casual." "i love summer weddings!" "oh no." "yeah, maybe it is time. maybe i should check my credit score." "try credit karma. it's free." "oh woah. that's different."
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here are the three stories you need to know to start your thursday morning. morning.a vehicle had cakewalk and that. welcome back. a vehicle had be pulled out of the prairie creek last night. reported it stolen.authorities are trying to figure out how
6:56 am
shooting that killed a young girl this week was 100-percent preventable.ireshia parks was killed tuesday -- and now another 13-year-old is been she was killed on tuesday. now another 13-year-old is being charged with involuntary manslaughter. the police chief says the shooting was an accident. there was no dispute before it. the gun used in the shooting has not been recovered , but another gun was found. police say if you happen to find a handgun call police immeat on i 380 at this hour we are looking at a complete stamp till. this is at eighth street for these. it is the seventh street exit. is in the northbound lane, that is the exit north of the masonic temple right by the taco bell and your central fire. it is the best way to get onto
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d i i'd look her right in that fat apugly face of hers.. she's a slob. she ate like a pig. a person who's flat chested is very hard to be a 10. does she have a good body? no. does she have a fat [expletive]? absolutely. do you treat women with respect?
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good morning. the welcome to "cbs this morning." new information about the elementary school shooting in south carolina. a family friend says it wasn't the first time the teenager accused of opening fire had brought a gun to school. newly released body cam video shows the disturbing end to a deadly police chase. how deputy marshals reacted to learning they accidentally killed a 6-year-old boy. >> donald trump doubles down on his controversial comments about a former miss universe and libertarian nominee has another aleppo moment on live tv. >> we begin this morning with a


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